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BS 3723 E - 3727 W

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Bridal Sets, Round Stone Engagement Ring & Wedding Band
BS 3723 E,  BS 3723 W, BS 3724 E,  BS 3724 W, BS 3725 E,  BS 3725 W, BS 3726 E,  BS 3726 W, BS 3727 E,  BS 3727 W


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  1. Casting and finished prices are based on 14 karat gold.
  2. The standard diamond quality for our web site is G - H Color SI2 - SI3 for Round Diamonds and G - H Color SI2 clarity for all other shapes.
  3. We also offer 3 other diamond qualities (FG VS) (GH SI1) (GH SI2).
  4. Casting Prices (CP) listed above does not include polishing fee.
  5. Please contact us if you would like to order different quality of stone.